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1) Transfer Moscow – Airport

If you book the transfer from the hotel or some address in Moscow – you should mention the exact address (number of the building, the exit in your buinlding, or the number of the structure at the hotel( if you are staying at the hotel Izmaylovo – you should mention the name of the building – Alfa, Beta, Gamma or Delta)

Don’t forget to note your contact phone number, if you stay at the hotel – note your room number.

If our representative didn’t call you one day before the transfer – we recommend you to call to our company to confirm your reservation is booked. To check the information you can use our 24 hour phone number +7 (495) 730-5477 – but you must know the number of your reservation – each booking has its own number.

The vehicle is giving to the mentioned address and the driver is waiting near the exit. If you stay at the hotel, the driver is used to wait at the reception with the sign, mentioned in your reservation.

The driver waits for the customer 15 minutes, then dispatcher tries to contact the customer on the phone . If the customer doesn’t appear – the driver leaves the place and reservation is considered not realized.

If the customer comes in time – the driver takes him to the airport.

2) Transfer Train – station - Airport

If you come to the train station – the driver waits for the customer at the platform, at the exit of the mentioned carriage (or head carriage – locomotive) with the mentioned sign.

At the Kurskiy Train Station the number of the carriage is sufficient!

The driver waits for the customer at the carriage 30 minutes, then the reservation is considered not realized by the fault of the customer!

If you couldn’t find our driver at the exit of the carriage – please don’t leave and wait for him 3-5 minutes. If the driver still didn’t show up – probably he waits for you at the beginning of the platform (at locomotive).

3) Transfer Airport – Moscow

The meeting at the Airport is usually complicated because of huge amount of waiting people at the arrival hall.It is even difficult to come through the crowd. Sometimes information desk gives wrong information about arrival time, about 20 minutes later.

Please note, that Airport doesn’t provide any information if the flight came early – it gives the information about the “scheduled time” (especially local flights). Anyway, if your flight landed earlier, please wait for the driver, because the driver comes sharp to the time, mentioned in your reservation.

If the flight delays – our dispatcher watches all delays and informs the driver about it. Even if your flight is delayed for 12 hours, we will meet you at the time of flight arrival.

If your flight has changed and you didn’t inform us in advance – we will not be able to watch the flight arrival.

Force-majeur: if your flight has landed in another Airport – you should inform our dispatcher about it, because such information used to come too late, and the car can be late.

After landing the plane our driver comes to the arrival hall and waits for the customer with the sign, mentioned in your reservation.

You must be attentive to see the sign in the crowd while coming of the custom control! Also mention, that if you miss the driver, it will be very difficult to return back through the crowd, the driver stands facing to the exit of arrival hall.

The driver waits for the customer during 2 hours after flight has landed, then dispatcher tries to contact the customer on the phone . If the customer doesn’t appear – the driver leaves the airport and reservation is considered not realized by the fault of the customer.

If dispatcher will contact you by the phone and you will ask to wait more time – there will be extra fee – hourly rental.

4) Hourly car rental with driver

If you book the car with driver to rent within Moscow, you should inform the exact address of pick-up and the approximate route and time of deadline. Please note that all parking, which requires payment – must be paid by the customer. If your route is outside Moscow – there is extra payment.

Attention! If you couldn’t find the driver at the appointed time(at the Airport, train station or at the hotel) it is necessary to contact our office by the 24 hourly phone +7(495)730-5477

All additional service which wasn’t mentioned in your reservation must be paid directly to the driver.


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