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How long does it take to get from Sheremetyevo-2 to the metro, either Rechnoi Vokzal or Planernaya?

It depends on which Airport you arrive/depart. Also it depends on time and day of the week. As usual at night, in the morning till 8 a.m. and in the evening after 9p.m. trip Moscow Airport or Airport-Moscow will take about 30min 1 hour, the other time your trip will take minimal 1 hour, Friday night and Monday morning it will take about 2 hours. The transfer to/from the Airport Sheremetyevo-F, Sheremetyevo-C and Vnukovo are equal. Transfer to/from Domodedovo Airport is 20 minuites longer.

If customers process takes too long or in case of a flight delay (more than 1 hour), how much will we have to pay?

You will have to pay about 150 rubles. See more at Airport transfer service onditions.

Is the price shown in pricelist per person or per car?

The price is shown per car(one sedan car up to 4 pax) with the trunk for rational number of luggage. Rational number means that your luggage must be fully located in the trunk. If it is not enough place for your luggage in the trunk, you can take some bags into the salon of the car it will cost extrta fees. If you have huge number of luggage it will be better to book more suitable vehicle (universal car or minivan).

Is the two way transfer discount applicable if you rent a car from Airport to City on first day and return to Airport from City the very next day.

Yes, you'll have discount. The main thing is to observe the form of special offer Moscow-Airport-Moscow. It doesn't matter how many days'll be between your transfers.

Is it possible to book the transfer between Airports, Sheremetyevo-B and Sheremetyevo-F?

Yes, it is possible, but due to usual leaving by the customer without waiting for the driver, this service should be prepaid in advance.

Please advise, where the driver is waiting, if I book the transfer from the hotel?

The driver is usually waiting at the exit of the hotel or at the hotel reception. More info you can see in the Short instruction for the customers "when you arrive in moscow".

What is the procedure of meeting at the Train Station?

At the Train station our driver meets the customers at the carriage (the number of carriage should be noted at thebooking) or on the platform with the sign, noted in your booking.

What is the procedure of meeting at the Airport?, (For example, the Airport Sheremetyevo-F(2)).

Detailed explaination of the procedure of meeting at the airport Sheremetyevo-F is shown on the page of our website here. The procedure of meeting at the other Airports (Sheremetyevo-D,B,C,E, Vnukovo and Domodedovo) is principally the same.

When the payment for the transportation service should be done?

The payment should be done after seated into the car by request of the driver.

When the payment for the service should be done, in case if I book special offer "two way transfer"?

According to the conditions of special offer "two way transfer" the discount is available only in case if you pay for two transfers (to/from the Airport) at once, in this case the driver must give the waybill for the back transfer.

How much time before car delivery reservation should be made?

Because of deadline and traffic jam on the roads of Moscow, we guarantee the exact realization of your reservation, which was made 6 hours before the car delivery to the address of the customer. The order, which was made less than 6 hours before car giving, can be confirmed only by dispatcher in case if there is a free vehicle.

Is there a limit of time for booking the transfer in advance? For example, if I leave for 3 weeks, can I book the transfer for the back way 1 month before?

There is no limits of time for booking. You can book a car even one year ahead the booking records in our database and keeps until its realisation.

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